Shopping Mate
The Dream Team
Meet our team
When not solving life-or-death shopping dilemmas Alek is busy with network planning and partner relations for IT security and pursuing her secret passion as a light bulb photographer. Yes, she can!
When not partnering with projects like this or creating minimalist UX-designs Maria is a polymathic space-dreaming serial entrepreneur, brutalist and a space enthusiast. Yes, space was mentioned twice for a reason!
When not architecting and developing impeccable mobile applications, Roman is busy trapping tornados in his big and scary formulas or making amazing photographs.
Yes, he's that cool!
When not practicing fabulous coding, Kate is a salsa and bachata dancing queen, a real life makeup artist and a passionate post-crosser. Yes, she is a programmer.
And an excellent one too!
Le Chick
When not being produced and post-edited by tens of different illustrators and designers, Le Chick is busy being team's inspiration and motivation, and the fun manager too! Yes, she's the most carefully selected team-member!
When not doing marketing, PR and copywriting, Julia blogs about body positivity and self acceptance, tests all Korean beauty products she can lay her hands on and travels... And yes, she can sing most of the classic coloratura soprano arias!
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