Shopping Mate
Shopping Mate - iPhone app to find exactly the right company
We are here to make shopping experience more fun, whatever that means for you!
With a vast community of likeminded shoppers you will always find someone to discuss those shoes with. Yes, right now, without waiting until 'they' reply!

Should you need company to join you in your high-street spree - there, sorted! Only people who are also in need of the company have installed our app in the first place.

Dressing room emergencies, friendly style&beauty chats, we've thought about it all!
iPhone app featuring the largest shoppers' community
There will always be someone to share your experiences with, get advice and a non-biased second, third and hundredth opinion. And yes, some of our shoppers only wear black, just like you.
Shopping Mate is not another shopping app,
it is a community
People just like you are there to chat, to help you and to be helped, and to go shopping together too.
Find who to shop with, whenever you want, wherever you choose.
Chat with other shopping enthusiasts, whenever you feel like a chat.
Solve your life-or-death shopping emergencies. We know it is important.
Shopping Mate: born to connect
Shopping Mate was created to connect you with the like-minded.
You do not need to extrapolate if that shirtdress is good from someone's critique, just ask the like-minded! We won't judge, we'll offer advice.
What our customers say
ShoppingMate is one of the kind shopping community app that brings the likeminded together!
This is a great and stylish app really! I came to London solo and despite that easily found Mika to hit Oxford Street with. We both only wear black so...
Leena Mäkinen
Globe trotter and travel blogger
ShoppingMate seems like a very useful app! Whenever I find time to do online shopping, there's always someone to chat to. I might even go out shopping someday!
Jason Lee
Creative producer
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+44 (0) 78 35114717
20-22 Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU
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